Does PDA have support for Large Objects?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Unicenter Database Analyzer will collect dataset and volume level statistics for LOB tablespaces and auxiliary indexes, and that information is stored in the PDA statistical table RAVL_STATS_xxxx. Normal index related statistics are collected for auxiliary indexes and stored in PDA statistical table RAIX_STATS_xxxx.

PDA parmlib keyword LOB_RS(Y) can be used to invoke RUNSTATS on LOB tablespaces to update the DB2 catalog table SYSIBM.SYSLOBSTATS. These statistics are not access path related but may be used in some PDA provided action conditions (i.e. ORGRATIO to decide on a REORG). If RUNSTATS is not licensed, set this parmlib keyword to LOB_RS(N).

LOB related SQL based ACTION CONDITIONS that reference PDA, DB2 Catalog, and Real Time Statistics tables can be grouped for display on the ACTION CONDITION screen by setting the Conditions Display field to 'L' for Lobs. Any action condition can then be Exploded by typing an 'E' next to the action condition to display the SQL and tables referenced.

Additional details can be found in the Database Analyzer Reference and User guide.