Does @ifnull()@ function evaluate an empty cell in data generator as a null?

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Last Modified Date : 24/10/2018
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Customer has scenarios where they have a column with no formula (blank) and want to check if it's null because no one filled it in.  Does the ifnull(^fieldname^, xyz)@ allow for  an empty cell as null?

When using a column reference and that reference does not contain any value (blank) then evaluation of the expression on IE 11 crashes with the error 

TypeError: Unable to get property 'indexOf' of undefined or null reference 
at Anonymous function (https://<<SERVER>>:8443/TestDataManager/app/components/generator/DataPainterService.js:572:27) 
at Anonymous function (https://<<SERVER>>:8443/TestDataManager/assets/lib/angular/angular-1.3.15/angular.min.js:112:103) 
at n.prototype.$eval (https://<<SERVER>>:8443/TestDataManager/assets/lib/angular/angular-1.3.15/angular.min.js:126:4) 
at n.prototype.$digest (https://<<SERVER>>:8443/TestDataManager/assets/lib/angular/angular-1.3.15/angular.min.js:123:98) 
at n.prototype.$apply (https://<<SERVER>>:8443/TestDataManager/assets/lib/angular/angular-1.3.15/angular.min.js:126:291) 
at l (https://<<SERVER>>:8443/TestDataManager/assets/lib/angular/angular-1.3.15/angular.min.js:81:238) 
at M (https://<<SERVER>>:8443/TestDataManager/assets/lib/angular/angular-1.3.15/angular.min.js:85:342) 
at F.onload (https://<<SERVER>>:8443/TestDataManager/assets/lib/angular/angular-1.3.15/angular.min.js:86:367) 
CA TDM Web Portal 4.6
Software not handling this case correctly.
Resolution: resolves this issue. Please contact CA Support to acquire this patch/version.  If you are loading a GA version after October 24, 2018, please contact CA Support to verify that this patch made it into the GA version.
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