Does EXPSECV and EXPSECA work with dynamic allocation?

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Last Modified Date : 06/11/2018
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Looking at the description for Option EXPSECA in the documentation it says:
"If the retention period in the JCL is greater than the number of days that are specified in EXPSECV, a security call is made to the external security system."
Does this mean, that the Expiration Date Checking is working with EXPDT from JCL only and not with dynamic allocation?
It works also for dynamic allocation, since CA 1 looks at the Expiration Date Field JFCBXPDT in the Job File Control Block (JFCB) no matter where the Expiration Date is coming from.
This is confirmed in chapter "Expiration Date Checking (EXPSECA & EXPSECV)":

These options control if external security validation should be performed when using PERMANENT expiration date processing (EXPDT=99365) in the JCL or dynamic allocation or a retention date that is a high value. EXPSECA can be set to NONE (no processing is performed, this is the default), WARN (warning only, no abend occurs) or ABEND (the job is abended). EXPSECV is the number of days (00000-99999) into the future that determines what a high value is with regard to retention processing. If EXPSECV is set to 99999, then the external security call is only made when PERMANENT expiration date processing is being used.

For details see Security System Interface Options