Does Detector use SMF records?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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This document states whether or not Detector uses SMF records.


Does Detector use SMF records?

z/OS 1.11 and above.

Detector collections (option 5 on the main menu), obtains Collection Activity data from DB2's Control Blocks. It does not use IFCID data. Since most accounting class data is collected within these blocks by DB2, even when DB2 accounting class 1 is not active, Detector is able to attain & display most of the data it needs.  

However, certain counts & times are not written to DB2's control blocks unless the Trace classes are active. When these classes are not active, Detector will display zeros in the wait time & count fields. It won't start these classes itself. Accounting & Monitor Classes "3" are examples of this. 

Detector accumulates it's statistics internally. Once an executable SQL call has completed, Detector adds it's counts, or times into a bucket. Non-executable statements (like SQL Comment), BIND,  LOAD , UNLOAD & other request of this type are not included in the buckets.             

However, if the SQL Trace option is enabled (Option 8 - Detector main menu), IFCID data is used. A performance trace like this is started:               

03  PERFM  30           OP1  YES  015,016,017,018,021,022,053,055,058       

03                                059,060,061,062,063,064,065,066,068       

03                                069,070,071,072,073,074,075,084,085       

03                                086,087,088,089,095,096,105,107,157       

03                                158,159,160,161,162,163,165,166,167       

03                                168,169,180,183,233