Does CA Performance Manager support Vertica release 8.1, which states support for LVM disk types?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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HP recently released Vertica version 8.1. With this new release comes some limited LVM support.


Does CA Performance Manager support use of LVM in release r3.2 when Vertica release 8.1 is installed?

CA Performance Manager release r3.2 or newer only

It is correct that:

  • CA Performance Manager r3.2 ships with the new Vertica release 8.1.
  • Vertica release 8.1 documentation states LVMs are now supported on RHEL 6.8.
  • This means it is ONLY supported on RHEL 6.8.
  • It is not support for RHEL 6.7, 6.9, or 7.3.

CA Performance Manager has not been tested for use with a Data Repository server whose data or catalog directories reside on LVMs in RHEL 6.8. As such at this time CA Performance Manager continues to lack support for LVMs in any supported release.

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