Does CA Disk use ZIIP processors?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Does CA Disk use zIIP processors?




Unfortunately CA DISK cannot exploit zIIP processors and there are no plans to do this in the near future. 


Although CA Disk does not use zIIP processors for its work, CA Datacom uses zIIP if a Datacom Files Data Base is used for CA Disk. 

So processes like IXMAINT or LISTD which make a lot of use of the FDB see a reduction however the light users like ARCHIVE, not so much. 


Datacom/AD can use zIIP processing using startup options SMPTASK and ZIIP_USER_LIMIT, see DATACOM Database and System Administration Guide, chapter zIIP Processors" for details.  

The CA DATACOM AUTOINFO report will show the zIIP usage in section TABLE MUF_SRB_ZIIP.