Does a time change affect the CA Ideal Load Module Table?

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Last Modified Date : 08/01/2019
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As customers try to plan for all possibilities that could arise when changing the clocks to or from Daylight Saving Time (Summer Time), many different processing components are evaluated. This article looks at one particular feature of CA Ideal - the in-core Load Module Table.
During the change from Daylight Saving Time back to Standard Time, we will issue a DBOC SHUTDOWN in our CICS regions, wait an hour to resynchronize, and then issue the DBOC STARTUP to reconnect.

Do we need to do anything special to rebuild the CA Ideal Load Module Table (LMT), or do we need to recycle the CICS regions?
The LMT is not affected by the time changes, nor by the DBOC SHUTDOWN or STARTUP processing.

If the LMT needs to be rebuilt for any other reason, a user can issue the CICS transaction IDPI and this will run the same PLTPI program. There will be no output returned to the user screen, as this transaction and program are designed to be run during startup and without user interaction. One other point about the LMT is that if the PLTPI processing is not successful, and if the LMT is not built during startup, the first RUN command processed by CA Ideal will cause the LMT to be built at that time. 
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