Docker gradle website is rejecting the connection in Devtest

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Last Modified Date : 09/08/2018
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when I am trying to run ./gradlew build  it is stuck while installing dockers for DevTest. I have the proxy setup to go to the internet however somehow this website is rejecting the connection. Is there an alternate way for the gradle build to access this file gradle-2.3-bin
Follow these steps:
  1. Ensure that you have completed the prerequisites that are listed previously.
  2. Ensure that Docker and the 64-bit Linux version of DevTest 8.3 or later are both successfully installed.
  3. Change to the docker subfolder of the DevTest installation.
  4. Run the following build:
> ./gradlew build
This command uses the DevTest installation from the parent folder to run a build and create the Docker images. 

 Its unable to download this file.

gradle url file
Customer is running docker ./gradlew build on a linux environment and have proxy setup to go to the internet. Its trying to download the dependencies but cannot.   
DEVTEST 10.1 and up
Instructions below should get the user that doesn't have access to the site working if they can download it from another machine and copy it over. 

From gradle-wrapper documentation 

If you don't want any download to happen when your project is build via gradlew, simply add the Gradle distribution zip to your version control at the location specified by your wrapper configuration. A relative URL is supported - you can specify a distribution file relative to the location of file. 

So, I changed distributionUrl property in to 

ipStorePath=wrapper/dists dis 

Make a copy of in gradle/wrapper/. 

Run, ./gradlew 

build downloaded local copy of zip and built the project. 
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