Do you have a table of MIB OIDs and their related description?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Can we have a a document with the object type, the oid and the description based on the mib NetegrityMIB.mib that you do provide with the Policy ServerĀ ?

netegrity .
products .
siteminder .
policyServer .
policyServerTable . Authentication Server Table
policyServerEntry . Authentication Server Entry
policyServerIndex . Index of the server
policyServerHostID . Server host identifier
policyServerType . Authentication Server Type
policyServerStatus . State of Policy Server
policyServerLastActivity . Time of last server activity in seconds
policyServerPort . Server port number
policyServerProduct . The name of Policy Server
policyServerPlatform . Platform on which the server is running
policyServerVersion . Version number of the SiteMinder Policy Server software
policyServerUpdate . Update number of the SiteMinder Policy Server software
policyServerLabel . Build label of the SiteMinder Policy Server software
policyServerCrypto . Crypto strenght
policyServerUTC . Time in the Universal Time Format
policyServerTimezone . Time zone
policyServerMaxSockets . Maximum number of sockets that Policy Server can open to communicate with Agents.
policyServerSocketCount . A number of currently opened sockets that is a   number of currently accepted connections from Agents.
policyServerAuthAcceptCount . A number of accepted authentication requiests.
policyServerAuthRejectCount . A number of rejected authentication requiests.
policyServerAzAcceptCount . A number of accepted authorization requiests.
policyServerAzRejectCount . A number of rejected authorization requiests.
policyServerPolicyCacheEnabled . Specifies if policy cache is enabled
policyServerL2CacheEnabled . Specifies if L2 cache is enabled
agents .
webAgentTable .
webAgentEntry .
webAgentIndex . Index of web agent
webAgentHostID . Agent host indetifier
webAgentType . Type of web agent
webAgentStatus . State of web agent
webAgentLastActivity . Time of last activity of agent in seconds
webAgentName . Name of the Agent
webAgentProduct . Name of the product
webAgentPlatform . Platform name on which web agent is running
webAgentVersion . Software version of the agent
webAgentUpdate . Name of software patch (if any)
webAgentLabel . Software build label
webAgentCrypto . Crypto
webAgentUTC . Timestamp in Universal Time Format
webAgentTimezone . Timezone
webAgentSocketCount . A number of currently used sockets
webAgentResourceCacheCount . A number of entries that are in the resource cache. This property accepts integer values ranging from 0 to the ResourceCacheMax value
webAgentResourceCacheHits . TBD
webAgentResourceCacheMax . A number of entries that can to fit into the resource cache.
webAgentResourceCacheMisses . TBD
webAgentUserSessionCacheCount . A number of entries that are in the user session cache. This property accepts integer values ranging from 0 to the UserSessionCacheMax value.
webAgentUserSessionCacheHits . TBD
webAgentUserSessionCacheMax . A number of entries that can fit into the user session cache.
webAgentUserSessionCacheMisses . Number of user requests with user not in the userSession cache
webAgentIsProtectedCount . A number of IsProtected calls issued by this agent. 
webAgentIsProtectedErrors . A number of errors while issuing the IsProtected call
webAgentIsProtectedAvgTime . Average time for isProtected call (from agent's perspective) measured in milliseconds
webAgentLoginCount . Number of Login calls with Login credentials
webAgentLoginErrors . Number of error returns in Login call
webAgentLoginFailures . Number of failed authentication calls
webAgentLoginAvgTime . Average time for Login call (from agent's perspective)
webAgentValidationCount . Number of validation calls to Policy server (Login calls with session spec)
webAgentValidationErrors . Number of error returns in validation calls
webAgentValidationFailures . Number of failed validation calls
webAgentValidationAvgTime . Average time for validation call
webAgentAuthorizeCount . Number of Authorize call
webAgentAuthorizeErrors . Number of error returns in Authorize call
webAgentAuthorizeFailures . Number of  failed authorization calls
webAgentAuthorizeAvgTime . Average time for authorization call (from agent's perspective)
webAgentCrosssiteScriptHits . Number of crass site script hits
webAgentBadURLcharsHits . Number of bad URL character hits
webAgentBadCookieHitsCount . Number of bad cookie hits
webAgentExpiredCookieHitsCount . Number of expired cookie hits
smEvent . 
smEvents .
serverInit . Server is initializing
serverInitFail . Server initialization failed
serverUp . The server is up/down
serverDown . Server is down
serverLogFileOpenFail . Server coudn't open the log file
agentConnectionFailed . Client connection failed
dbConnectionFail . Database connection failed 
ldapConnectionFail . Directory connection failed
authReject . User authentication rejected
validateReject . User session validation rejected
azReject . User authorization rejected
adminReject . Administrator rejected
objLoginRejected . Login rejected
objFailedLoginAttemptsCount . ...
emsLoginFailed . ...
emsAuthFailed . ...
smEventObject .
smEventComponentName . Name of the component that generated the trap.
smEventMessage . Additional information about the trap.