Was the ca sso web agent ever supported on debian linux on powerpc

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Last Modified Date : 09/07/2018
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-Did the Ca Sso (Ca Single Sign On/Siteminder) web agent  ever support Debian Linux on PowerPc chips?
-Is Debian Linux on PowerPc chips supported now with the latest release of the Ca Sso web agent on Linux? 
-We never supported  Debian linux or any version of Linux on Powerpc chips  
-We do not support Debian linux or any version of Linux on Powerpc chips at this time..
 Although you can put an enhancement  idea for this  on the idea wall on Ca Communities for this.
 This is how you would create the enhancement idea 

Additional Information:
Creating a Idea? (Enhancement Request)

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018

How do I submit Ideas/Enhancement Requests for CA Single Sign On/Siteminder?
Per CA Technologies' new policy, customers file “Ideas” (or “Enhancement Requests” as they were previously called) themselves on the CA Communities. This initiative was started with a vision to make product enhancements more community driven. We have now given customers the ability to vote on the Ideas that other customers enter as well.
Here are detailed instructions on how to open a new Idea:
1. Navigate to https://communities.ca.com/ and log in with your CA credentials.
2. Go to the “CA Security” Community: https://communities.ca.com/community/ca-security
3. Click on the 'Actions' drop-down menu at the top right and select ‘Idea’.
4. Enter your Idea here. Select 'CA Single Sign-On' as your category at the bottom and then 'Publish' your Idea.