DMZ wizard gives cryptic error

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Last Modified Date : 30/10/2018
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DMZ wizard throws an error during hub-> tunnel configuration, "Error configuring controller: probe_config_set."
Customer needed to install and configure a remote hub and perform Tunnel setup (with Remote hub configured as the Tunnel Server and the Primary hub acting as Tunnel client) for the sake of scalability.

DMZ Tunnel Setup Wizard error:

DMZ Tunnel Setup Wizard Error configuring controller: probe_config_set
- UIM v8.5.1
- Primary hub wp000210
- hub machine wp001876 in the PCI domain on a different subnet. No NATing.
- hub v7.93
- robot v7.93

- Unknown
1) Uninstall the remote hub and remove the Nimsoft installation directory
2) Download required hub and robot packages then uploaded them to the support case so they could be downloaded to the remote hub's desktop, then imported into the remote hub's local archive

3) Installed the hub (Windows Infrastructure (HUB, distsrv and Robot)
4) On the remote hub, upgrade the robot, then the hub to v7.93 so they were upgraded and running the same version
5) Compared and took note of the existing Tunnel Server and client configuration information, such as Description naming convention, security settings, common name, Organization, etc.
6) Configured the tunnel server on the remote hub, copied the certificates into Notepad
7) Tunnel Server setup - Step 1:2

Organization: <company name>
Organization Unit: Enterprise Monitoring (for example)
Email Address: <UIM administrator>

Country: <country>

Expire Days: 3650

8) Configured the tunnel client on the Primary hub.

Tunnel Client setup options:

Active Tunnel - box checked
Check Server - CommonName box checked
Server: <IP_ADDRESS of Tunnel Server>
Description: <hostname xxx>
Server port: 48003

9) Opened hub Tunnel Status window on the tunnel client side (Primary hub), to ensure that the tunnel was connected (tunnel icon showing with no error and IP address displayed)
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