DMS-02107: The system is unable to create the directory in the DMS

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When attempting to upload a document in the Knowledge store or on a Project Collaboration Documents, we encounter the following error message:

DMS-02107: The system is unable to create the directory in the DMS

How to resolve this error message?


This information is for On Premise Customers.  If you are a SaaS/On Demand customer, please create a case for CA Support to investigate the root cause.

This error message can occur if the Filestore Directory in the CSA, Search properties changed or if the Search Index needs to be updated or reindexed.

  1. Check CSA Configuration: Navigate to Search tab and review the configuration for the Filestore directory.

    If it is incorrect, make the change, restart services and recreate the search indexes, restart services again after recreating the indexes.

    Re-Indexing commands:
    admin search recreate-index-files 
    admin search recreate-index-data 
  2. If the CSA Configuration is ok, execute the 'Index contents and documents for searches' job. Wait for the job to complete successfully and then attempt to upload the document again.

  3. Sometimes the error message will occur if the 'Index contents and documents for searches' job is actively running at the time the uploading of the document occurs.

CA PPM's Search and Advanced Search tool allows the user to locate documents, events, action items and discussions within the application. These individual items must be indexed in order for the Search and Advanced Search tool to locate them.

You only need to run the commands if the entire index for documents or content data needs to be re-created. To index documents and content data incrementally, for items not yet indexed, simply execute the 'Index contents and documents for searching' job . This job must be scheduled on a regular basis to index the content data for searching when your configuration is configured not to use asynchronous indexing. Asynchronous Indexing will automatically index items as they are added.

Run the 'recreate-index-files' command in order to recreate indexes associated with documents in the Knowledge Store and documents in the Project Collaboration, Document Manager tab, and documents on Object Attachment attributes. This command works for discussions that are stored in either the "filestore" or in the "database". The search tools do not return documents attached to Discussions.

Run the 'recreate-index-data' command in order to recreate indexes associated with data content for the following items: Project Action Items, Project Discussions, and Process Action Items. The search tool does not return Personal Action Items.

Note: you can use '-info' at the end of each command if you want more information to be provided to the admin.log file when running these commands. This is useful in troubleshooting issues.

Additional Information: 

Also, reference current Installation Guide topic - Document Indexing, Searching and Storage.