DMLO receiving 'E4502 Ready Usage-Mode Security Violation'.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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DMLO receiving 'E4502 Ready Usage-Mode Security Violation'.
What is the reason for this error?


The E4502 error occurs when the DMLO security is on and user does not have the appropriate access to update the record in that dictionary.

In IDD, for the dictionary that is receiving this error; display the user and add the access allowed.
For example if Shared Retrieval (SR)
Shared Update (SU), Protected Retrieval (PR), Protected Update (PU),
Exclusive Retrieval (ER) and Exclusive Update (EU).

In this example, the user has Shared Update and Shared Retrieval modes.

  USER NAME IS DMLOUSER                  
      DATE CREATED IS      08/01/08     
      DATE LAST UPDATED IS 10/01/08     
      PREPARED BY DBA0001               
      REVISED  BY DBA0002               
      DESCRIPTION IS 'SU,SR'            

The DMLO security program DBMSDMLO will be found in the DEFAULT DICTIONARY as well as any other dictionary where DMLO security is enforced.


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