DM / CCR reports show no data

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Data Manager Crystal reports show 'No data exists for this report'. How can I check if there is data in the database .




CCC /  DM with oracle database




Use the following SQL query to determine whether there is data of interest in Data Manager for the report, by showing the dates for servers with migrated data.

If there is no data of interest in the database, there may be a technical issue with Data Manager or a problem with the Data Source.

In cases where DM Crystal reports show 'No data exists for this report', run the following query to determine if there is data available for these servers.
It takes a snapshot of the data that has been migrated into Data Manager, returning the dates, the server names (host) and maximum GBL_CPU_UTIL

SELECT server_fact.gmt_metric_date AS gmtmetricdate,        server_fact.metric_date AS metricdate,        MAX(server_dim.host_name) AS
host,        MAX(metric_dim.std_name) AS name,        MAX(server_fact.metric_value) AS value   FROM server_fact,        server_dim,    
metric_dim  WHERE server_fact.server_dim_id = server_dim.server_dim_id    AND server_fact.metric_dim_id = metric_dim.metric_dim_id    AND
metric_dim.std_name IN ('GBL_CPU_UTIL')    AND server_fact.metric_value IS NOT NULL GROUP BY server_fact.gmt_metric_date,
server_fact.metric_date ORDER BY 1, 2;

For example, it returns results like the following:

GMTMETRICDATE                    METRICDATE          HOST            NAME                      VALUE
VALUE 27-Nov-1                   27-Nov-1            myserver        GBL_CPU_UTIL              16.6