distsrv: how to clear distribution jobs that are stuck

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Last Modified Date : 31/01/2019
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At times, there can be scenarios where the distribution server does not properly complete a distribution of a package. When this occurs, the package distribution information remains in the distsrv configuration and when the probe restarts, it continues to try to complete the distribution (looping) without success.

Eventually, this causes problems with the distsrv probe and a user could experience a number of issues that include but are not limited to...
  • Slow Performance
  • Intermittent Failures when deploying packages
  • Temporarily Out Of Resources error messages in the log
  • distsrv probe becomes red with Max restarts reached.. error in log. This occurs because the error situation(s) force the probe to restart itself in an attempt to recover. Since recovery never succeeds, the probe will go red due to Max Restart Reached.



  1. Deactivate distsrv on local and remote hubs.
  2. Open Raw Configure and navigate to the install section, if there are any installs listed (They will be numbered starting with ZERO), delete them. Also, manually delete them from the distsrv.cfg. Alternatively you could clear the distsrv jobs folder.
  3. Restart distsrv on hub(s) and all should work fine

If jobs still persist in the "View Distribution Jobs" window within IM then try the following:

Restart the Robot on the primary hub. That action should clear out all the old jobs in the View Distribution progress popup.

Additional Information:
Sometimes redeploying the distsrv helps lingering issues with Max restarts as well.