Displaying BW Chain Status in SAP

Document ID : KB000088320
Last Modified Date : 14/04/2018
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Sometimes it is necessary to find the status of a BW Chain within SAP and compare it to the status in Automic.  The following instructions will show how to find that status.
Steps to get the Status of Objects in an SAP Chain:

1) Logon to SAP
2) Choose transaction RSA1 (Modeling - DW Workbench):
3) Click the Process Chain button:


4) Expand the Chains Display:


5) Right click on a chain and choose "Display logs"


This view shows the Log ID as well as the status in SAP.

In the case shown above the return code is "X", which means cancel.

Here are all the statuses:

  • "R" - cancel
  • "G" - normal end
  • "F" - normal end
  • "A" - continue checking
  • "X" - cancel
  • "P" - continue checking
  • "S" - cancel (but only after the process chain has been restarted)
  • "Q" - continue checking
  • "Y" - continue checking
  • " " - continue checking