Displayed in USM by IP address instead of host name

Document ID : KB000092838
Last Modified Date : 17/05/2018
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USM shows device as IP address. 
It should shows as hostname
snmp devices are monitored by snmptoolkit
snmptoolkit creates xxxx.dev file in niscache when creating profile. 
This file contains following entry. 
__type 7 2 D __id 7 34 <cs_key> remote_dev_ip 7 <ip> remote_dev_hostname 7 15 <ip/hostname> remote_dev_key 7 15 <ip/hostname>

When adding profile with ip, snmptoolkit resolve hostname with gethostbyaddr. 
If the function does not return hostname, remote_dev_hostname name will be ip address. 
If this is registered as IP, discovery_server will register the device in DB with ip address. 

However, this information can be override with discovery_agent discovery. 

Use discovery_agent to override ipaddress to hostname