Display or change the DB2 DSNHDECP and DSNZPARM settings.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The DSNHDECP and DSNZPARM settings are often critical factors in the behaviour of the applications that run on DB2.

They can make or break an application simply by the values being used or change the behaviour entirely. Therefore knowledge of what these values are set at is important to a DBA. How can these values be displayed by the Unicenter DB2 tools?


There are a number of products in the Unicenter DB2 UDB for Z/OS tools suite that are able to display the DSNHDECP and DSNZPARM settings and also one product that is able to alter them to a degree.

Display current settings

Subsystem Analyzer: Option 6-Additional Features. Option 1 and 2 within "Additional features" will display the values. These reports will display a "SS Analyzer DSNZPARM Display" and a "SS Analyzer DSNHDECP Display " on screen.

RC/Query: Select DB2 Object type "SY" and either option "D" or "Z". These options will display a "RC/Q DSNHDECP Inquiry " or a "RC/Q DSNZPARM Inquiry". The RC/Query "Batch Report Selection" also has a DSNZPARM and DETAIL report. These batch reports are part of the RC/Query Batch Reporting function.

Insight for DB2: A command written thus "D SYSPARMS" which produces the "Miscellaneous System Parameters" report. This shows both the ZPARMS and the DSNHDECP settings under different headings all in one report.

Display and change current settings

Value Pack, Option TT, Thread Term/Dynam DSNZPARM : Maintain DB2 Parameters section, Option 13 "Application programming defaults". These are the DSNHDECP values. This screen shows the original parameter value at DB2 start-up, the current value or setting and you may use the third column, the desired value, to change the current value. The ZPARMS are broken among the other menu items on this screen.