Dispatch archive task gets DC970033 with RC=4 Error=00540

Document ID : KB000074017
Last Modified Date : 05/04/2018
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We typically archive all of our reports to tape and don't have any problems. Today, CA Dispatch is attempting to archive a report and we are receiving the following errors:

IKJ56241I DATA SET HLQ...Dxxx.Txxx.D01 NOT ALLOCATED+      
IKJ56241I SPECIFIED UNIT IS UNDEFINED                                        
DC970033 Dynamic Allocation Error, RC = 004, Error = 00540, Info 0000000
DC970099 File: HLQ...Dxxx.Txxx.D01              
DC980078 ARCH1  - REPORT REQUEUED                                       
DC980095 Report: ABC, Job: 123, Job#: JOB30795        
What is causing these errors and how can we prevent them?
CA Dispatch is attempting to archive the "HLQ...Dxxx.Txxx.D01" file to DISK, not to tape. This is indicated by the '.D01' suffix at the end of the DSN.

The ERROR CODE = 00540 indicates an invalid unit name on the dsname allocation.

When this error occurs, you will need to define a "valid" system esoteric DASD UNIT for the archive subtask to allocate, on the VSGMU215 - "Sysgen Archive Task Information Screen" (Option 9.A.S from the main menu).

CA recommends defining the valid DASD UNIT for all three archive subtasks (ARCH1, ARCH2 and ARCH3).

After defining a valid DASD UNIT on the VSGMU215 screen for each task, recycle the archive subtask(s).