Disk template issue after upgrading from 5.x to 6.30-MC

Document ID : KB000122234
Last Modified Date : 20/12/2018
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Upgraded all cdm probes from various versions to 6.30-MC. All Disk(s) profiles were removed and the 6.30 templates were moved into production - with the exception of the Disk(s) template.

When listing the available Disk(s) templates, only 6.20 was available. Activated the 6.30 Disk(s) template then re-created all Disk(s) profiles.
No changes were made to the exiting Default Disk(s) profiles.

See that the Disk(s) profile appears twice in the UIM GUI - once under Default Disk(s) profile created for the current monitoring group and again as an available profile to apply to a monitoring group.
UIM 8.51
Both the 6.20-MC and 6.30-MC Disk(s) templates were in production.  There appears to be a known issue with migrating this template from 6.20-MC to 6.30-MC.
Delete all currently deployed Disk(s) templates from all monitoring groups/devices.
Once all of these templates have been deleted, execute the following SQL query against the UIM database to remove the 6.20-MC Disk(s) template from production:

UPDATE SSRV2Template SET production = 0 WHERE probe = 'cdm' AND templateName = 'Disk(s)' AND probeversion = '6.20-MC' ;

This will take the 6.20-MC Disk(s) profile out of production leaving just the 6.30-MC Disk(s) profile in production.

At this point the Disk(s) template should no longer be available as a separate template that can be applied after selecting the Monitoring tab in the UMP USM portlet for a monitoring group/device.  The Disk(s) template will only become available after applying the Default Disk(s) template to a monitoring group/device and will appear under the applied Default Disk(s)  template.