Disk File Management Like Tape

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Last Modified Date : 06/07/2018
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I wanted to ask how we'd go about setting up the retention (archival/delete) processes to make disk and tape match. This will allow us to move user files between disk or tape seamlessly without the user knowing.
The problem is this: Currently they are treated differently due to the historical set-up. Disk files are managed in pools based on their last reference date. The only files deleted (not archived) are uncataloged files. Archived files are given an expiration date at archival time and if a file is recalled, the timer is reset.
This can be resolved by a couple of Sysparms...
N (default) - Data set [DSNINDEX] EXPDT taken from command or sysparm default. 
Y - EXPDT taken from VTOC or default [from RETRETPD] if greater.
The DSCL "sysparm default" referred to is this...
30 (default) Specify the number of days for the default DSCL retention period. 
(Overridden by RETPD or EXPDT parameter.)
The explicit Archive command default is from this Sysparm...
30 (default) Specify the number of days that a data set is to be kept that is
processed by Archive proc.  (Overridden by RETPD or EXPDT parm on ARCHIVE command.)
Now, what this will cause is you having to juggle your Archive jobs to insure
that your "default" value matches your retention intent if ALL the data sets
do not have the EXPDT specified in the allocation.
By having to deal with these parameters could seem to be a step backward
because SMS is designed to add the retention to a data set when it is created.
So, to have to code the EXPDT in every data set allocation could be a rather
HUGE chore.