Discovery_server 8.51 in not properly collecting info from windows 2016 for usm

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Last Modified Date : 30/08/2018
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We are installing robots 7.91+ on windows 2016 servers.
However when we go into USM they are not showing up as windows 2016 server they are saying just windows servers.
How can we correct this?
UIM 8.51 SP1 and earlier
UMP 8.51Sp1 and earlier
Discovery_server was not certified with windows 2016 so did not have have
code to handle this OS.
this will be resolved in UIM 9.0+ release of the UIM product.

as a work around you can do the following
1. Copy the attached lua file to <UIM>/probes/service/discovery_server/scripts
2. Deactivate discovery_server
3. Activate discovery_server

The attached lua will do data manipulation of "os_name" value from "WindowsServer" to "WindowsServer-2016" upon specific os_version value.
Additional Information:
file name:override_eval_os_name.lua
File conent
function eval_os_name()
	if computer_system.os_version == "10.0.14393" then 
		return "WindowsServer-2016"

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