discovery_agent: Unable to acquire version information

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Last Modified Date : 06/03/2018
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We have one customer where we can't change the discovery_agent configuration.
Trying to change the scope for this discovery_agent in USM fails with error
"Unable to acquire Version information"
We have the following three tier architecture:
UIM machine (and secondary) Windows 2012 R2 NIS machine Windows 2012 R2, SQL 2014
UIM version 8.5.1 SP1
Hub version 7.92HF10
Robot version 7.92HF11
Tunneled connections to customer hubs from tunnel server hubs. CentOS on customer hubs
The error indicates that USM is having difficulty communicating with the controller that the discovery_agent probe resides on.
USM performs an inst_list on the controller to get the version number and for some reason fails to do this.
The firewall rules on the tunnel server needed to be expanded, as there were ports in use on the node running the discovery_server that exceeded the port numbers that were allowed.
Additional Information:
To troubleshoot:
1. install Infrastructure Manager on the UMP server.
2. log into IM from UMP and check the remote hub (it was red and couldn't be accessed)
3. we checked the firewall rules and they were open for a range between 48000 and 48100
4. we went to the hub running the discovery_agent and issued netstat -l | grep 48
    we then saw that there were a few ports in use that were higher than 48100
5. We added a firewall rule to expand the range and then the node became accessible in IM and the discovery_agent could be configured in USM