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Last Modified Date : 11/06/2018
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There are multiple established Desktop Client sessions for a single user. How can we go about terminating these sessions from the Desktop Client?
Through the use of the disconnectclient command in the Desktop Client CLI perspective.
  • The about command will show you a list of users that are signed on to a session.
  • Locate the users that you would like to disconnect under this listing.
  • Use the disconnectclient command to disconnect the users of your choosing.

Disconnect a client session from the server.
If the session is not active the disconnect is permanent.
If the session is active the client will automatically try to connect again.
disconnectclient id(yourserver:1977)

id <string>
        The clientId to be disconnected.

In this example, we will disconnect the SCHEDMASTER session:
Connected clients:
 SCHEDMASTER@barst20-win10.ca.com:65436    (    connection confirmed
 ADMIN@barst20-win10.ca.com:65453    (    connection confirmed
DISCONNECTCLIENT ID("barst20-win10.ca.com:65436")
Notice that the user account name is not included in the command!

The system should provide a response indicating the command was successful:

-> disconnectclient id("barst20-win10.ca.com:65436")