Disallowed Agents after Introscope EM was restarted

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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We have a standalone EM. Yesterday it crashed due to an out of memory error. I have increased the heap size and managed to get it restarted but now it has many disallowed agents. 

What do we need to do to collect data from the agents? 



Open the Workstation, check the EM metrics clamps, expand the branch:

 Custom Metric Host (virtual)
   - Custom Metric Process (virtual)
      - Custom Metric Agent (virtual)(collector_host@port)(SuperDomain)
         - Enterprise manager
            - Connections

looks at the values for: 

  - "EM Historical Metric Clamped"
  - "EM Live Metric Clamped"

the above metrics should be 0. If they are 1 you need to increase the corresponding clamp(s) in the EM/config/collectors apm-events-thresholds-config.xml file:


If Introscope Workstation is not available search in the EM log(s) for : "too many"

The below message is an indicator that introscope.enterprisemanager.metrics.historical.limit clamp has been reached and you need to increase it.

[WARN] [Harvest Engine Pooled Worker] [Manager.Agent] The EM has too many historical metrics reporting from Agents and will stop accepting new metrics from Agents. [ Current count = 1,303,258. Max count = 1,200,000]