dirscan probe does not send clear message to Spectrum utilizing the snmpgateway

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Last Modified Date : 08/10/2018
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How to ensure a clear trap is sent to Spectrum to clear the Spectrum alarm for dirscan.
- UIM 8.5.1
- alarm_close_gtw v1.5
- OS: Windows or Linux
The alarm_close_gtw is a custom probe developed by CA Field Services.

alarm_close_gtw v1.5

The alarm_close_gtw listens on a hub queue for alarm_close message, expands all close messages using the nimid and creates a subsequent alarm_close2 message without any filtering. The alarm_close2 messages are read by snmpgtw and forwarded on to Spectrum.  Neither alarm_close_gtw nor snmpgtw supports filtering of alarms beyond mapping and forwarding alarms.

It essentially creates separate alarm_close2 messages for every alarm_close list.

***Please make sure that the nas is local to this probe so I would install it on the Primary.

***Requires java jre v1.7 to run.


1) Deploy the probe to the primary hub
2) setup an ATTACH queue to monitor for/listen for 'alarm_close' events
3) Under setup->Subjects in the snmpgtw probe, update the snmpgtw configuration to look for alarm_close2 events as well as alarm events.

This should allow for acknowledged alarms to then be sent to spectrum via the snmpgtw probe.

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