Different subdomain for tenants of the same portal

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Last Modified Date : 28/02/2018
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Can I use two different subdomains for tenants of the same portal? if so, how?


Portal 4.2


It is possible to do so. Please try the following suggestions. 
Yes, this should be possible IF the second tenant for example, https://dev.test.com is created as an external tenant.

1. First of all,  create a new file for example, developer1.json with the following content:
Below is an example of the JSON file to use to create this tenant { 
"auditLogLevel": "DEBUG", 
"noReplyEmail": "noreply@some.email.server", 
"performanceLogLevel": "DEBUG", 
"portalLogLevel": "DEBUG", 
"portalName": "CA Technologies Developer Network", 
"tenantType": "ON-PREM", 
"termOfUse": "EULA", 
"multiclusterEnabled": true, 
"tenantId": "dev", 
"cmsAuthorHost": "", 
"hybridState": 1 

2. [root@apim util]# ./create-tenant.sh -d developer1.json 
3. Add “dev.test.com” in /etc/hosts (both portal and local machine) 
4. once created and provided that the proper DNS, the newly created tenant can be reached at https://dev.test.com