Differences Between Clearing the Monitoring Cache and Rebuilding the Job Flow Model

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Last Modified Date : 19/03/2018
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With the wcc_monitor batch utility, what is the difference between the -d (clear the monitoring cache) and -r (rebuild job flow) parameters?
CA Workload Control Center r11.3.5+
Clearing the Monitoring Cache
When you clear the monitoring cache, the monitoring data is wipe out from WCC database and recollected from the AutoSys servers from scratch (so the most current data is available). It's necessary to clear the monitoring cache when the job statuses are not updating in the Monitoring Views. 

Rebuilding the Job Flow Model
When you rebuild the job flow model, the data models in memory (on every WCC server in a HA cluster) is updated by rereading all monitoring data again – in this case, no data is recollected from the AutoSys servers. It's necessary to rebuild the job flow model when you get the following error in the WCC GUI: E131015 Job AUTOSYS_JOB_NAME was not found in job flow memory model but was collected in WCC. It could mean problem in communication between nodes in HA cluster
Additional Information:
For more information about the wcc_monitr batch utility and these parameters, see Administer the Monitoring Batch Interface - Clear the Server Cache.