Differences Between CA Agile Central's Sandbox and Production Environments

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Last Modified Date : 10/10/2018
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Outline of differences between CA Agile Central Sandbox and Production


A number of different services aren't available in Sandbox.


CA Agile Central's Sandbox environment offers a subset of services from CA Agile Central Production.


Because CA Agile Central's Sandbox environment is a subset of the SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) present in CA Agile Central production, a number of different services are not present/available in Sandbox (https://sandbox.rallydev.com):
  1. Single Sign On (SSO)
  2. Lookback API
    1. Project Cumulative Flow Chart
    2. Portfolio Item Burnup
    3. Other Lookback-based charting
  3. API Key, OAuth
    1. The "zuul" service on which API key and OAuth relies, is not present in Sandbox.  Users can use a Security Token, please reference KB000057510
  4. Realtime
    1. "Watches" and watch-based notifications
  5. SOLR
    1. Full-text search is unavailable in Sandbox
  6. Capacity Planning Service
  7. Insights (SDPI Reporting)
  8. Milestones charting
  9. Webhooks (which is in Beta in Production. It's unavailable in Sandbox).
  10. Backups - the Sandbox DB is not operationally backed up
    1. CA Agile Central's Sandbox database is not backed up operationally
  11. Feature Toggles
    1. By default, functionality that is "turned on" in CA Agile Central Production but is behind a feature?toggle, is not enabled in Sandbox. Once a feature is released as GA in production and no longer behind a feature toggle, it will usually become available in sandbox.
  12. Bespoke which include New Personal Navigation

CA Agile Central's Sandbox does not fall under the SLAs for CA Agile Central production. There's no contractual uptime agreements or SLAs for the Sandbox environment. However, we have an operational working agreement to keep Sandbox up during business hours (8 AM ? 5 PM Mountain time, Monday-Friday) and to avoid downtime prior to 6 PM (Mountain) unless absolutely necessary. We make our best effort to avoid downtime during peak business hours.

Sandbox Availability

Support can run Sandbox refreshes per customer request.  When these refreshes are run the Sandbox environment will be temporally unavailable for all customers.

Sandbox status will be posted at status.rallydev.com when a refresh is running. 
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