What's the difference between CA-Output Management Web Viewer DOCVIEW or CA-Output Management Document Viewer?. CA-Output M

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Last Modified Date : 29/10/2018
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Because the product names are so similar, many are confused by the difference between CA Web Viewer and Document Viewer.
We are Upgrading VIEW,DELIVER and DRAS to R14 next week end.We are running CA-Output Management Web Viewer - 2.1 SP3 on windows .Please let us know for any issues on the compatibility check with this .Currently we are running DRAS 12 .
"DOCVIEW 2.1 SP3," more properly called CA-Output Management Document Viewer 2.1 SP3 is not the same application/product as CA-Output Management Web Viewer. CA-Output Management Document Viewer 2.1 SP3 is stabilized (no newer versions will be made and no fixes written), but still supported for the time being. The advice that a customer upgrade from the stabilized Document Viewer to a current version of Web Viewer is sound and smart. We can't say how much longer CA-Output Management Document Viewer will be supported, but it is fairly certain that as newer versions of Web Viewer continue to be released, it's less and less likely that Document Viewer will be around much longer. . . It is only a matter of time until some DRAS, CCI or Operating System update renders the Document Viewer inviable. With this in mind, you would be making the right call to urge an upgrade to a current version of CA-Output Management Web Viewer or Content Viewer.
Additional Information:
CA-Output Management Document Viewer is a client based application, meaning it gets installed on the user's PC and is licensed there. CA-Output Management Web Viewer is server based and licensed.