Did You Know that Unicenter TCPaccess X.25 Server can obtain statistics from routers, log this information and eventually send an alert?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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To enable the Router Manager (XRM) feature of X.25 Server, simply code XRMMEM =<member_name> on the X25.NET command. XRMMEM refers to a member name in the PARMLIB dataset.

In the XRMMEM member, the XRMADD command can be used to define as many routers as required.

For example:


The logon and enable passwords are encrypted using the OMXXRMPW utility in the SOMXREXX dataset.

The XRMTRAP command can then be used to capture the information and write it to a log and/or call an EXEC member to be given control. With a little bit of Rexx programming the possibilities are then virtually unlimited.

For example:


It should be noted that ANY router that can be reached from the host running X.25 Server can be monitored. It does not have to be a router defined on an X25.PIPE command.

For additional information on Router Manager, please refer to Chapter 6 of the Administrator Guide.