Diagram Trace Utility (DTU) Memory Usage Error

Document ID : KB000026857
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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While tracing an application using the CA Gen r8.5 Diagram Trace Utility (DTU) on a Windows workstation and stepping through code statements using the F5 key, receive error:

java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space



The Diagram Trace Utility used to trace applications resides in the Windows environment.



The 'java heap space' is a memory issue on the eclipse DTU.  Adjust the vmargs (VM Arguments) parameter located in /gen/dt/DiagramTrace.ini file to increase memory available.

The default setting is:

  • vmargs
  • Xms80M
  • Xmx256M

Increase the Xms (Stack Space) and Xmx (Heap Size) values, along with the PERMSIZE and MAXPERMSIZE (Permanent Generation Heap) based on needed and available memory. PERMSIZE is the permanent generation heap, a heap that holds objects such as classes and methods. MaxPermSize specifies the maximum size for the permanent generation heap.

Following is an example of increased settings:

  • vmargs
  • Xms128M
  • Xmx512M
  • XX:PermSize=64M
  • XX:MaxPermSize=128M