DFHXS1111/DFHUS0050/DFHDM0105/DFHME0116 When CICS Starts During IPL

Document ID : KB000052902
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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During every IPL, when CICS starts, the following error is received:

+DFHXS1111 xxxxxxx 648 
06/06/2009 19:50:39 xxxxxxxx ???? Security violation by user yyyyyyyy for resource xxxxxxxx.DFHINSTL in class SURROGAT. SAF codes
are (X'00000004',X'00000000'). ESM codes are (X'00000004',X'00000000').
+DFHUS0050 xxxxxxxx The default userid yyyyyyyy cannot be used by this CICS job with region userid xxxxxxxx .
+DFHDM0105 xxxxxxxx Unsuccessful initialization of DFHUS domain. CICS will terminate.
+DFHME0116 xxxxxxxx 655 (Module:DFHMEME) CICS symptom string for message DFHDM0105 is PIDS/5655M1500 LVLS/650 MS/DFHDM0105

If CICS is then restarted after it comes down, it comes up normally.


Make sure CA ENF was up completely before the CICS region was started. CA ENF must be up completely when CICS is started. Otherwise, security won't be properly installed in the region and unpredictable results will occur. CA ENF message 'CAS9501I CAIENF CASCCICS Initialization complete.' indicates CA ENF is up completely.