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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Guidelines for troubleshooting DevTest Solutions

All supported DevTest releases and platforms.

General troubleshooting notes

1. Verify all DevTest products are the same version.  We do not support connecting different components from different versions of DevTest.


2. What patches are applied to your environment?   Please provide when opening ticket

3. Using out of the box?  Any customizations? (extensions), If you expect this is an integration issue, please be prepared to provide this detail in the ticket

4. Verify none of the ,  or .vmoption files has bad names, and the proper permissions are on each of these files.

5. Verify any mapped drives have enough space for data (expecially the lisatmp folder)

6. Verify /lisatmp folder not being written to a share drive that could lose connectivity

7. Although we ship with an embedded Derby database inside of the DevTest Registry,  this is not supported for a server install (of both functional and performance)  You need to make sure you are using an external supported enterprise database with DevTest.

8. Using ACL requires a database character set that supports UNICODE.   Please verify that your registry database is using UNICODE.  Our passwords are stored in DevTest as encrypted using a Unicode characterset.  You wont be able to log-in to the DevTest console or workstation if you are not using UNICODE,  even with the admin user.


9. Review all of your log files: enterprisedashoard.log, registry.log, portal.log, broker.log, acl.log, coordinator.log, simulator.log, vse.log, trunner.log.  Ideally all the .log.n files located in the lisatmp_n.n.n folder.

General performance issues


1. If doing load testing you are using the Load Test Report Generator and going to an external enterprise database


2. Review your components .vmoptions files to make sure there is an adequate amount of memory to the component.   No load test is the same,  and memory requirements are typically specific to a customer's needs

3. Use a CVS file instead of an XLSX file.  There is a lot more overhead to process excel spreadsheets vs a test file, and will hamper all performance testing.

4. Avoid collecting too much reporting data when running load tests.  You can quickly overwhelm the database by collecting too much data if your database is not sized.  Suggest using the default load test report generator which will also collect your metrics for load test usage.   Support does not assist with sizing requirements for customers,  as this is handled by our Services and SWAT teams.


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