DevTest TestRunner - Exception Could not create our Event Topic

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Last Modified Date : 18/05/2018
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We are trying to implement continuous integration for automated tests. I created a simple test case and a simple suite with default staging doc and audit doc. It runs fine when run in console stage. But failed in command line. 

If run the testrunner from testrunner.exe directory,  the error is "Exception Could not create our Event Topic for 3F5F1931522311E88ADE005056925FD1: 14". Is this permission issue or do I need to set up something for Event Topic?

If run the testrunner from the test project directory, the error is "Cannot find project root for C:\Tests\SmokeTest_Simple.tst". The project directory is not at c:\. I passed in the absolute directory in command line when specifying the suite. For some reason it keeps looking for c:\.  When creating the suite, I left the Base Directory blank - assuming it knows the project root and all files are in relative path.
DevTest 10.1
Testrunner command line expects all of the options with the fully qualified path of where each document is located. You must specify where the Registry is running with -m <TestRegistryName>, if no Coordinator is specified, then any default coordinator that is specified in the registry is used. 

Able to stage locally your test case within a Suite. 

When doing a stage to the remote Coordinator it gets ssl handshake errors. 
Added the https.protocols property as well on where your Server is running. 

From your Server copied DEVTEST_HOME\ 

Your DevTest server components were restarted to pick up the new property. 

Services are all up and running. The TestRunner command line works for suite with no errors.