DevTest: Upgrade from 10.1 or earlier to 10.4

Document ID : KB000117500
Last Modified Date : 16/10/2018
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The ddl files for an upgrade to DevTest 10.4 do not generate correctly.
Registry: No changes from 10.x are contained in the ddl file.
Dashboard: Several tables starting with "qrtz" are added then dropped in the script.

Note: This patch is need for upgrades from DevTest 10.1 (or earlier) to DevTest 10.4.
For DevTest 10.2 or 10.3 to DevTest 10.4, the patch is not required.
DevTest 10.4.0
If you are upgrading from DevTest 10.1 (or earlier) to DevTest 10.4, please open a support ticket for a patch.
Reference DE387494 (two new jar files are required).

Note: The Dashboard ddl files are correct. Several tables were added in previous versions and dropped in DevTest 10.4.0.
The patch is for the Registry tables only.

Install procedure: 
1. Download DevTest 10.4
2. Install DevTest 10.4 as usual.
3. Install the patch (two jar files).
4. Start DevTest components as usual.
Additional Information:
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