DevTest 9.5.1 patches that are in DevTest 10.3.0

Document ID : KB000098449
Last Modified Date : 30/05/2018
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Since we will be migrating from DevTest 9.5.1 to DevTest 10.3.0, we would like to know of the patches we have now, what is included in 10.3.0 and what ones not in 10.3.0 do we need to request?
Patch                                                    In DevTest 10.3.0    
patch_DE161565_9.5_LTD.jar                            Yes    
patch_DE206517_DE282900_9.5.1_GA.jar                    Yes    
patch_DE267446_9.5.1_GA.jar                            Yes    
patch_DE277926_DE325746_9.5.1_GA_v11.jar            Yes    
patch_DE277926_DE325746_DE348546_9.5.1_GA_v12.jar    Yes 
patch_DE278365_9.5_GA.jar                            Yes    
patch_DE284997_9.5.1_GA.jar                            Yes    
patch_DE287929_DE286478_9.5.1_GA.jar                    Yes    
patch_DE289259_9.5.1_GA.jar                            Yes    
patch_DE289749_9.5.1_GA.jar                            Yes    
patch_DE313408_9.5_GA.jar                            Yes    
patch_DE337933_9.5.1_GA.jar                            Yes 
patch_DE338531_9.5.1_GA.jar                            Yes    
patch_DE354666_9.5.1_LTD.jar                            No    Still being validated    
vtd-xml-2.13.4.jar                                    No    Still being validated                            No    Still being validated    
patch_DE354666_9.5.1_LTD.jar                            No    Still being validated