DevTest 10.1 and Docker - Migration to AWS issues

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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DevTest was implemented in Docker container  in  AWS ( Amazon WebServices). All the docker containers started fine.  The Portal   loads the page but we were seeing the following message in the console :  " An error occurred while retrieving the list of VSE servers

Portal log shows   "  : ip-10-142-12-xxx : ip-10-142-12-xxx : Name or service not known. " 




The Dockers containers were configured and started in the following order

1. Enterprise Dashboard

2. Registry

3. Broker

4. Portal

5. Coordinator

6. Simulator

7. VSE


The Docker Run scripts used IP address  to avoid any  DNS look-up issues.

HOSTNAME=ifconfig eth0| grep inet\address    // assigned  the ip adress to HOSTNAME


## Start Enterprise Dashboard Server

 docker run -d -v /logs/enterprisedashboard:/root/lisatmp_10.1.0 --net="host" -p 1506:1506 -p 2003:2003 dradis-new:latest /opt/devtest/bin/EnterpriseDashboard

## start Registry Server

 docker run -d -v /logs/registry:/root/lisatmp_10.1.0 -v /cvsMonitors:/opt/devtest/cvsMonitors --net="host" -p 2010:2010 -p 1505:1505 -p 1528:1528 -e LISA_MORE_VM_PROPS="$HOSTNAME" registry-broker-base-new:latest /opt/devtest/bin/Registry -n tcp://$HOSTNAME:2010/Registry

## Start Broker Service ..... 

## Start Portal Service

docker run -d -v /logs/portal:/root/lisatmp_10.1.0 -v /Projects:/opt/devtest/Projects --net="host" -p 1507:1507 portal-new:latest /opt/devtest/bin/Portal"$HOSTNAME" -J-DlisaAutoConnect="tcp://$HOSTNAME:2010/Registry"


## Start Coordinator Service ......

## Start Simulator Service .....

 ## Start Virtual Service Environment Server

docker run -d -v /logs/vse:/root/lisatmp_10.1.0 -v /vseDeploy:/opt/devtest/vseDeploy/VSE_2013 --net="host" -p 2013:2013 servers-base-new:latest /opt/devtest/bin/VirtualServiceEnvironment -n tcp://HOSTNAME:2013/VSE -m tcp://HOSTNAME:2010/Registry


As highlighted in the Run script,  even though  we specified <ipaddress=HOSTNAME>  in the  docker command,  the Portal and VSE  was  trying to do host-name  look-up via DNS upon start up and that was not resolving properly.   


All versions newer than DevTest 9.5

As the host-name /IP address was not resolving  we had to specify the Ip address manually in the system's hosts file.  This will bypass needing a DNS server to resolve the IP address. This file usually exists in the following location:

  • /etc/hosts (Linux)



Note **

DNS resolution, if used, must work correctly for forward and reverse lookups no matter the environment.