Determining the number of lines in the VLS Source library.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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How to scan the number of records in the VLS Source library.


Do we have a utility that will count the number of lines in a VLS source library?




  1. Run a VLSUTIL LIBRARY listing against the source library. Add the RECORDS (RCDS) column for all of the nnnL members. These are the members with the description of PDL SOURCE.
  2. Run a VLSUTIL LIBRARY listing, outputting it to a dataset.  Write an Ideal program that reads the dataset as input.  Have your program reference   only  the member names that have an 'L' suffix in their name (eg, 'JULABCD           001L').  The 'L' identifies it as the Procedure Definition section, hence the lines of code.  A total of RCDS (lines) is given for each 'L' member in a column number further to the right of the 'L' member listed there. Have your program count the lines of code for each "L" entry and produce a report.

Additional Information:

For information on running a VLSUTIL library listing, see Chapter 6 of the CA IPC Implementation Guide.