Determining if a message about no bytecode transformers if actually a problem.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The message

 [WARN] [IntroscopeAgent.Agent] No bytecode transformers with valid configuration are found. Please make sure ProbeBuilder is deployed as an Agent extension and it has a valid PBD configuration.

can be a problem that requires investigation.

This depends on the scenario, in some cases the message can be ignored.




In basic terms, if you see this in an agent that is running inside the process that is monitored, so this is mainly Java, .NET, then it does need to be investigated, otherwise no AutoProbe data will be reported.

In other agents that monitor by making remote calls to an application to retrieve data, but are using the IntroscopeAgent.profile for agent naming and Enterprise Manager connection information, the message can be ignored.

Commonly these are agents deployed by the Standalone Agent, examples include :


webMethods Broker




Any Introscope release, agent-specific message, varied technologies can be involved.
  • If you do see this error in an agent such as Java, you should verify the following in the IntroscopeAgent.profile:

1) introscope.autoprobe.directivesFile=  

Make sure the property is not commented out.

Its relative path is to the wily/core/config folder (assuming the IntroscopeAgent.profile is also located there) so if you have specified an absolute path, please check that contains your pbds

Also check permissions of the user running the application to make sure all data can be accessed.


Again make sure the property is not commented out.

The relative path of this folder would normally be wily/core/ext so again if you have provided absolute paths and relocated files, please make sure you have specified the correct path, and check permissions.


  • If you see the error and the above-mentioned properties are not present in IntroscopeAgent.profile, you can safely ignore the message.


  •  The .NET agent directory paths are different to Java, this is referenced in the documentation which is linked at the end of this article.






Additional Information:

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