Detecting Broken or Hung Connections in TCP/IP with CA XCOM for Windows

Document ID : KB000027957
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The xcom.glb parameter TXPI_RECEIVE_TIMEOUT allows you to set the time (in seconds) after a TCP/IP failure is detected before a socket error is generated. This parameter defaults to zero and should remain at zero unless it becomes necessary for a broken connection to generate a retryable error.


A value of zero disables the TXPI_RECEIVE_TIMEOUT.


Change this parameter from zero to 20, for example, to invoke the TCP/IP function, "select".  This allows XCOM to detect a broken connection, but sacrifices some performance.  Recycle xcomd after changing a value in xcom.glb

Note: In older releases this parameter appears in xcom.glb as TCPIP_RECEIVE_TIMEOUT Either parameter name will work.