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Electronic Commerce Indicator (ECI)  - is the two or three digit code that is returned by the issuing banks and credit card specific networks to notify a merchant (handling e-commerce) about the authentication of the cardholder and the status of the card holder's issuing bank under the 3D Secure Authentication program/protocol.



What is ECI (Electronic Commerce Indicator) and what are the values that are in place for the same per protocol?


Production/3-D Secure

The Electronic Commerce Indicator (ECI) element/value represents the value as determined by the ACS (Access Control Server). The ACS provides an ECI Value to the MPI (Merchant Plug-in)  in cases where the Transaction status is "Y" (Success) or "A" (Attempts). For a U (Unavailable) and N (Failed) response from the ACS, there is no ECI value received from the ACS. The Merchant must submit an appropriate ECI value for the cases with U response. The issuing bank sends the ECI to the merchant after the customer has been authenticated. The merchant needs the ECI to continue with the authorization and settlement processes. These values will reflect the authentication status. Specific values are dictated by each Card Association.

As per protocol, an ECI value of 01 and 02 is used by MasterCard and ECI values of 05,06 and 07 are used by Visa. For a successful authentication, MasterCard uses an ECI of 02 and in the same scenario Visa uses an ECI of 05. For all other transaction, other than a successful authentication, MasterCard uses an ECI of 01 and for the same, Visa uses an ECI of either 06 or 07.

When a PARes (Payer Authentication Response) status of 'A' is seen, it indicates that the Authentication could not be completed but a proof of authentication attempt was provided. An ECI value of 01 is seen at this instance. When a PARes status of 'N' and 'U' is seen, it indicates that the cardholder authentication failed or Authentication could not be completed due to technical or other problems. In these cases, the ECI value is not seen.

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