Time Scaled Value for July shows as August

Document ID : KB000095418
Last Modified Date : 10/08/2018
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Time Scale Value dates do not show to be consistent across all portlets causing monthly fiscal time periods to not sort in chronological order or have duplicate months.

1. Click on the Home Menu
2. Click on Projects, under Portfolio Management
3. Select a Project from the Project List
4. Click on the Financial Plans tab and from the drop-down click on Cost Plans
5. Select a Cost Plan from the Cost Plan List
Expected Result: All months in the Time Scale Value column headers show the correct month and year in chronological order
Actual Result: The months in two column headers are duplicated even though, the data within the column fields are correct. E.g.: The month of July 2018 and August 2018 both show as "2018-08". This can also cause dates to be ordered in alphabetical order if some monthly fiscal time periods are named with the date format "MMM-yyyy"
The Monthly Fiscal Time Period Name is not labeled correctly and should be corrected.
1. Click on Administration Menu
2. Click on Setup, under Finance
3. Click on Entities, under Organizational Structure
4. Click on the Entity
5. Click on the Fiscal Time Periods tab
6. Filter on the Period Name with the incorrect title
7. Click on the Fiscal Time Period
8. Edit the Period Name
9. Click the Save and Return button