Deploying the OVA file for vTDM on ESXi results in error: Unsupported element 'Property'

Document ID : KB000009293
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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After downloading the 'CA Virtual Test Data Manager Add-On MULTI-PLATFORM' from and trying to deploy the provided OVA file on ESXi, the following error came up: 

This OVF package uses features that are not supported when deploying directly to an ESX host 

The OVF package requires support for OVF Properties. 

Details: Line 188: Unsupported element 'Property' 


This error can be resolved by using vCenter server to do the deployment of the OVA file.


vCenter server is listed as a prerequisite in the documentation: 


If vCenter server is not available then the following workaround could be used:

Extract the OVA to a directory.

Delete the manifest file from the directory (

Edit the OVF file (vtdm-appliance.ovf> to delete the property elements from the Product section element.

Deploy using the OVF file.


Once deployed and booted login as root on the console in vSphere Client using the default password and change the properties that you need to (the root password being one):

cd to /usr/local/etc/default

vi vtdm

Change the properties that you need to; for example:






Save the changes

Restart the appliance: shutdown -r now

Once restarted you can login again with your new root password if needed.

Do not change the apiUser or shareUser values - they are in the file for future enhancements.


With the hostname not being set explicitly during deployment, a name is generated. If you are concerned about collisions, or need static IP... then disable the network adapter before booting the appliance, then do the above but instead of restarting use power off, then enable the adapter and boot again.