Deploying a batch file within a Software Delivery Package

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Last Modified Date : 26/02/2018
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To troubleshoot Software Delivery Deployment issues sometimes transferring a usual large package may not be feasible. In such cases, deploying a small batch file (2KB) could help troubleshoot the problem quickly.

This document outlines the procedure to create a small batch file package for testing purpose.

All versions of CA Client Automation

1. Create a simple batch file (named runbat.bat in this example) using 'Notepad' with the following lines as an example.

echo start runbat
date /t
time /t
echo end runbat


2. In the DSM Explorer navigate to Software->Software Package Library. Right-click and select New->Software Package.

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3. Give the package a desired name. In this example 'runbat 1.0'. Click OK.

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4. The package is now available in the Software Package Library. Expand the package, drag and drop the batch file to the Source section of the package.

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5. Expand the package 'Source' and locate the batch file. Drag and drop the batch file to the 'Procedures' section of the package.

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6. You can further customize the procedure by right-clicking the procedure and selecting 'Properties'.

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7. Add the '>$rf' parameter so that the job output can be captured and displayed in the DSM Explorer. Click OK.

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8. Right-click and chose 'Seal' to seal the package to be able to deploy it.

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9. Deploy the package to the desired machine to test and troubleshoot deployment issues. If the job is successful, the output will be displayed in the Job properties under the 'Job Output' tab.

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