Deployed VSM is not being triggering when sending a request from client application

Document ID : KB000101399
Last Modified Date : 16/10/2018
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An HTTPS VSM is deployed to the VSE, however, we are not able to trigger this virtual service from our client application.
All Supported DevTest releases.
Few steps we can follow to help to identify what is causing the issue:

1. Take a look at the application log files and verify what is the error message when it cannot connect to the VSM.
Messages like 'connection refused' indicates that the application is not able to connect to the VSE Server in the port you are trying to reach.
Verify if the application server is able to connect to the VSE in the port the VSM is running. 
You can try to use telnet in a command prompt: 
# telnet <VSEServerName> <portNumber>

The VSE Server also needs to have access to the application server. 

2. Look at the DevTest Portal and verify the virtual service and client application are using the proper transport protocol.
If you are sending an HTTPS request from the client application, the VSM should list https under Resources.
If you are sending an HTTP request from the client application, the VSM should list http under Resources.
To enable SSL with an HTTP Virtual Service, open the service in the Workstation, double-click in the Listen step and select Use SSL to Client.

3. In the VSE server side, make sure you have the same transport protocol being used with the same port.
If you are using the port 8443 for a HTTPS VSM, make sure there is no other HTTP VSM running in the same port and vice versa.