Deleting Virtual Machine models in Spectrum 9.2.0

Document ID : KB000050432
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Issue / Symptom

Starting in Spectrum 9.2.0, customers are unable to delete Virtual Machines models that are being managed by Virtual Host Manager. As a side-effect, users are unable to change the Spectrum model typed used to monitor SNMP agents that exist on the VM (as this requires the deletion of one model and re-creation of a new model with the correct type). This is a problem if the SNMP agent changes from one type to another.


This is the result of a design change and new feature that was added to 9.2.0. The PhysicalHostDeviceContainer was added in Spectrum 9.2.0 and is used to collect all virtual machines that exist on a single physical host into one location. The decision was made to disallow deletes of entities managed by Virtual Host Manager because VHM will automatically create models for any missing virtual elements every poll cycle in order to keep the PhysicalHostDeviceContainer up-to-date.


If the user needs to revert an existing VHM SNMP model to a pingable model, or if the user needs to change the SNMP model type of an existing VHM SNMP model, then the following steps should be followed:

  1. Configure the virtual machine as required (change SNMP agents or remove them)

  2. Ensure VHM SNMP modeling configuration is set as desired

    1. If a new SNMP model is desired, set the "Discover SNMP-Capable Devices" option on the VHM model to be "Yes" (Available in Spectrum 9.2.1) and ensure you have configured your SNMP credentials on the VNM model.

      Note: If user is on an earlier version of Spectrum, or if an SNMP agent is not available at this time, they can upgrade the pingable at a later date via Model By IP.

    2. If a pingable is desired, ensure the "Discover SNMP-Capable Devices" on the VHM model is set to "No" (Only available in Spectrum 9.2.1) or that the SNMP agent on the VM has been disabled.

      NOTE: This pingable can always be upgraded to an SNMP agent again at a later date via Model By IP

  3. Select the VM that needs to be deleted, and switch to the "Attributes" tab in the Component Detail window.

  4. Filter for "EditModesMask" (0x130cc) attribute in the attribute list on the left.

  5. Move the attribute to the right and set the value to be '0'.

  6. With 10-15 seconds the model should be available to delete.

  7. Right click the VM and select "Delete" from the pop-up menu.