Deleting objects from CABI 6x public folder gives error The selected items cannot be deleted because they are referenced by other objects

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Last Modified Date : 22/05/2018
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As part of testing, there were some test views/reports/domains created in the Public folder of CA Business Intelligence 6.x release. When you try to delete the domain, you get an error "The selected items cannot be deleted because they are referenced by other objects"

How to find out what these objects have dependencies on and/or change data source?
CA Business Intelligence 6.x release
All Supported Windows Operating Systems
One option is: 
1.  Take a backup of the CABI 6.x content first - you can do so by logging into CABI 6.x URL and exporting the entire repository to a directory.
2.  For this example, say you have a domain called "Incident Management ".  You could use a search tool to search the directory output for "/public/adhoc/Domain/Incident_Management_files"
3.  The search results will show reports/views that are using this domain.
4.  Identify these reports in CABI 6.x and delete these reports manually first.
5.  You can then proceed to delete the domain itself.

The other approach is based on an understanding on what reports/views were created and when. 

1.  From the CABI 6.x URL, click on the Library link and sort by Latest Modified date or the dates around which the views/reports were created.
2.  Hover your mouse pointer on them to identify where the report/adhoc view is located. 
3.  Navigate to that location/folder via the View -> Repository menu and delete them.
4.  Once you have deleted all the reports/adhoc views, you can then delete the domain from the public folder.
Additional Information:
It is not recommended to do direct database modification against the CABI 6.x database.