Deleting data from t_raw_data table

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Last Modified Date : 03/11/2018
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How to delete some problematic records from t_raw_data?
CA Business Service Insight 8.3.5
Unable to find records having same raw_data_id in t_raw_data_changes
delete the t_raw_data from UI. First, the records in t_raw_data are encapsulated. To actually read any of the actual info in them (and hence compare any values in them) you would need to use one of our procedures 

1) Delete records through the UI. This is the recommended method and will clear out everything for that event. 

2) Stop the services and then delete the records in t_raw_data based on some criteria. You can read the encapsulated "info" for events in this table using the function FNC_DATA_FIELD_EXTRACT 
It's straight forward to use, You can get your DBA's help if needed. 

3) Finally, I do have an example to delete all records from a particular adapter (and you could also limit it by date). I'll attach it here. This is just an example. 
The customer can delete the raw data events manually by using tool like PL.SQL. 

The steps: 
1. Get the adapter id: 
2. Run this query: 
Select * from t_readers 
3. Find the adapter id according to the adapter name. 
4. Check the records in t_raw_data 
5. Run this query: 
select * from t_raw_data where reader_id = xx 
(where xx is the adapter id) 
6. Verify that these are the raw data events from the adapter. Look on the timestamp, resource and event type fields. 
7. Delete the records from t_raw_data 
8. Run this query: 
Delete from t_raw_data where reader_id = xx (where xx is the adapter id).
9. Commit the transaction. 
10. Please check again that you use the right adapter id and don’t delete raw data events from another adapter. 
Note: If there are committed contract that already read these events then please force recalculation. 
In order to run the adapter on all the input data again you must delete the content of the Output folder under the relevant adapter folder in the disk.