Delayed Server Response caused by Scoreboard Query

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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While using CA Service Desk Manager, users receive the "Delayed Server Response" message.  Additionally there may be other performance problems indicated by slowness of the system as a whole.


CA Service Desk Manager (All Versions)


These symptoms may be caused by a Scoreboard Query that is returning a very large number of results.  Since Scoreboards are refreshed at set intervals, the queries are run repeatedly, causing performance issues on the system due to the large number of results coming back in the query, and large number of queries being repeated whenever a Scoreboard refresh occurs.

For example, if a Scoreboard query is running against a large table such as "act_log" to search for a string in activity log entries, this may return an exorbitant amount of results, causing the system to get backlogged.


Review your stored queries to look for items that query large tables such as act_log (Activity Log), evt_log (Event Log), Call_Req Summary or Description fields, or not_log (Notification Log).  Remove any stored queries that are searching for strings within all records of these tables as they are typically very large.

Additional Information

For additional information about using Scoreboard Queries, please see the following section of the documentation